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How To Set Goals ... but like, actually stick to them

Go from goal-setting, to goal-getting. For many of us, sticking to our goals is harder than making them. Follow these goal-setting techniques to dramatically increase your ability to stick to them and see them through.

Common Mistakes

Info on common mistakes ....

How to Set Better Goals

1 - Start with your "Why"

Start with the reason you wake up every morning! By starting with our core purposes and objectives in life, we learn to merge our health goals into our lives. In doing this, we create long-lasting and meaningful progress that is here to stay.


  • "What are the favorite things in my life and how can they be enhanced by my health improving?" For example: if your family is important to you, maybe you might wish to freely play with your kids in the yard; or if you value your work, your health can improve your physical and mental productivity; or if you value your time alone, etc. ......

2 - Will you actually know if you've achieved your goal?


3 - Know the daily steps to get you there.


4 - Write down your goal and look at it daily


Where Do I Go From Here?

3 - Know the daily steps to get you there.


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